Request: syncthing-inotify

I have asked about this on the syncthing support forums:

Let’s see if there is a solution for this problem.

It seems to be the expected behavior, unfortunately.

Can you not install syncthing on your NAS device?

It’s not powerful enough, and it already runs Transmission…
It’s ok, I can survive. I will probably end up using a dedicated board just for syncthing; maybe the Orange Pi Zero I should receive soon from China :slight_smile:

Just got the Orange Pi Zero and I think it’s pretty good. I ordered it just before Christmas and now I see they have a new offer - a bigger case that houses the expansion board.

I’ve ordered it in November, but I still haven’t received it… :thinking:
I’ve seen the case and the expansion board, I think I will order them sooner or later.

Got it very quickly (New Zealand) even with Christmas between ordering and delivery. Tempted to buy another.

I’m sure my OPi Zero has already arrived in Italy many weeks ago, but the Italian mail service is probably the slowest in the world.

lol, your postal service really is broken :frowning:

Although, you guys make great Pizza + Pasta + pinot grigio. I’d be happy with a 2 week+ delay on all parcels, if it meant I could sample those true Italian goodies everyday lol :smiley:.

Are Amazon parcels also affected? They have their own private courier system here in the UK, pretty dam good.

… and risotto and ossobuco and prosecco and barolo and… :stuck_out_tongue:
Yeah, we are spoiled, gastronomically speaking. :smiley:
Unfortunately here most of the public services are very inefficient, and the postal service is renowned as one of the worst…

Are Amazon parcels also affected? They have their own private courier system here in the UK, pretty dam good.

Amazon uses many different couriers and their service is impeccable.
Actually packages from AliExpress take up to two months to reach their Italian recipient due to the fact that they have to pass through customs, which is what slows down everything. The postal service is awful by itself, but when you add the slowness of the customs services it becomes unbearable.

New version:

Fixes incompatibilities with recent version of SyncThing - download and replace file in /usr/bin

Thanks for the heads up!

Thanks John,

I’ll also update links in the DietPi-Software install for v146.