Request: Rocket Chat

It would be very nice to have my own chat server working!

Rocket Chat works more or less like Slack, take a look!

Yes Please.
It’s awesome.


Oh wow…that looks pretty cool!!!

Looks like it’s pretty easy and straight forward on manually installing

Hello everyone,

Has anyone installed it successfully?
I am looking for a tool like that one and would love to get it on my RPi 3 B.



you could try following official Rocket Chat installation guide for Debian based systems.

But it seems a little bit outdated as it’s pointing to Debian Stretch (current version is Buster) and MongoDB 4.0 (current version is 4.4)

Hi Joulinar,

Thanks for your quick answer, I will have a look.


Mongo DB manual install shows the 4.4

Actually it appears using the ubuntu install might be easier just skip the repository file part at the very beginning

Does dietpi support snap?
Because if it does this might be the best way to install

Mainly because if it does…it allows for a HUGE number of applications and whatnot to be side loaded with a very simple command

We also have this request in GitHub:
But I will not find time soon to implement, maybe someone else does?


For info, I installed snap and on my RPi 3B. Due to the performances of such hardware, there is a limitation which only allows to install an older version but it works. Perfect for my needs anyway (10 persons, chat and file exchanges, mainly audio as it is for a music group).
I am far from expert and succeeded to I guess anyone can do it.
I also installed caddy as a reverse-proxy to reach it and got a free no-ip domain.

Very cool…was it very difficult to install by the above howto?

Glad you got it working…as with any SBC…it’s not a mega powerhouse, so expect 25% of normal “server” level capabilities when running it from a RPi, unless it’s already a low resource server program

Very simple actually. I have not enabled options like video calls, it could be bad with a RPi (and I do not need it anyway).