Request : RaspiWiFi - Headless wireless configuration for embedded Pi


Thank you for the good work.
Would you mind adding

RaspiWiFi - Headless wireless configuration for embedded Pi

It is working on Raspbian, although it needs to manually do

sudo systemctl unmask hostapd

at the end of the installation script (before reboot).

I’ve tried to add it inside of my Dietpi setup however there is a conflict with the hotspot, and although I can connect to the created hotspot, the Web page never show up.

The github for the app is here :

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what would be the benefit of this software? To get it installed, you already would need to have access to your PI. But if you already have access, you can configure WiFi by using dietpi-config tool. As well, on DietPi it is possible to pre-configure WiFi even before first initial setup/boot (headless, no access needed)

You are absolutely right, however my suggestion was aimed towards those of us who want to use Dietpi for projects targeting the non geeks.
Like an artist who would like to provide an application to the public.