[Request] OpenVPN server


I don’t really like SoftEther, I have too many problems with it and it’s a bit difficult for me to configure. I just want a simple fast VPN server for remote management.
OpenVPN is pretty easy to setup (atleast on x86 Debian), just a matter of:
wget http://blablabal/openvpn.deb
dpkg -i openvpn.deb
passwd openvpn

And for the client, just simply go to https://ip_address:943 and download the config/client software (incase of Windows, just download the pre-configured setup).


EDIT: SoftEther works like **** for me:


Thanks for the information. I’ve also added your request to GitHub. You can track progress here:https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/80

As for timeframe, it may be a few weeks before I’am able to look into this. I have a lot of previous requests pending.