Request Open Media Vault?

First of all, I’m in awe over the wild selection of installable software already available in DietPi.

I’d like to request/suggest Open Media Vault, or perhaps some other NAS software, though I can’t think of anything else suitable off the top of my head (those who know me can vouch for my not having much of anything on top of my head). I’m currently running a 10TB FreeNAS box, but the cost was quite… uhm… pricey? While I’ll likely leave it running until it dies… I’m thinking an inexpensive NAS might be fun to play with, and it will end up running full time on the local network for a specific purpose. I have several SBCs that need a purpose… a NAS seems like a good one.

If this has already been requested, add this as my vote. If it has been dismissed as not practical… fine, I’m sorry for not having read through all the other posts.



Hi Christian,

yes, there is a github ticket for this:

But at the moment Debian 8 is only supported by the next and upcoming OMV 3.x (Erasmus).
As far as I noticed, there are some problems with their plugin/addons system.

Yes, there is a ARMxx platform support:

Here are some RPi and Odroid OMV 3.x images for testing purpose.

BTW: In/with OMV you can install and configure so many services, compete/duplicate to DietPi, so this will bring up more trouble.
If I really want to build a ARM based NAS, I would do this on a dedicated device and not on a DietPi installation.
Just my to cent.