REQUEST: Mail Server

Now this might seem a little far out - but I’d since DietPi has become the server distro for SBCs*, it seems a shame that there is no mail server option. This is, currently, the only thing I have to outsource and while I don’t mind doing that, I do find it a bit of a drag.

Clearly there’s a risk with running your own mail server (if it breaks for example) so it’s better to have two, but Pis are not exactly expensive or costly to run. Plus there’s the PITA for having to set up DNS for the mail exchanger and you need a fixed IP but none of these things are insurmountable.

There’s a particularly interesting one designed by some former CERN people called Proton Mail (can’t imagine how they came up with that) that’s also open source - and secure end-to-end which may be worth a look. Of course, there are a number of other options, so far be it from me to lecture Daniel! :slight_smile:

  • It’s hit DistroWatch now, so I hope people will send it some love and get it on the main page.

If iRedMail and DietPi could get together, i think that would be a match made in heaven! Quick easy email server deployment.

I currently use Mailu through docker.

It would a great feature. I used this tutorial to create a mail server with raspbian lite strech:

I would be very interested in this feature

Would be nice…however the minimum requirements might not be met…many SBC’s are quite limited on RAM

You’re right about SBCs, but some come with 2Gb and, naturally, DP does work on x86 PCs now too.

You can get more information and get its features, I followed this tutorial:

Any news on this topic?

there are no plans to integrate a mail server

Here is a guide I wanted to use as a basis for own tests and possible an own email server:

The Nextcloud integration part can be skipped, but the other parts look actually good, though not trivial.