Request for recommendations - Replacing pi3b+ with another SBC

Hi there,

It seems my PI3b+ died recently (doesn’t boot, no hdmi signal on boot, no green led) and I am in the situation to replace it with another SBC.

Easiest would be to use a pi 4 (4gb), but what other recommendations are there?

I am aware of all supported sbcs as per list on, but I am also aware of
many smaller and bigger issues reported for non pi sbcs (sound, hdmi and booting e.g.).

My main request is: performance on par with the pi4 whilst also not having to reinstall anything, just swap the PI3b+ with another board and all should be working as before as my system was working flawlessly and and took a while to get to that state.

Is that even possible to just reuse the latest configuration (started from an usb stick) or do I have to start from scratch no matter what?

What SBC would be recommended for performance and compatibility reasons beside the pi4?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


There is no other way as to stick with RPi family if you like to simply switch SD card / USB stick. All other SBC would require a new fresh installation / configuration. If you like to go that way, you could have a look to NanoPi R6S. It’s one of the fastest SBC we support. However, performance depends on your personal needs and software title used. There is no black and white answer.

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