[Request] DietPiCam Update 6.0.12


First of all Congratulations on the 100th Release. There is nothing better than DietPi out there for Raspberry Pi. I have been using it for about 8 Months now and i am very happy with it :smiley:

Now the Request:

I am working on a Raspicam based Project for school which will end in March 2016.

I also post on the Foundation’s Forum where the RPi Cam Interface project originated. Some of my requested Features were added to the Project recently. But if i install it from there Git as described in the Tutorial, there is no stream afterwards. DietPiCam (6.0.9) runs perfectly though.

May i request the Diet Pi Team to update DietPiCam to 6.0.12? Please mind i am using wheezy. I don’t want to use Jessie for this Project because everything is super stable with wheezy. Even RPi Cam Interface has some issues with Jessie. So i am not planning to update on Jessie anytime soon.

Thank You very much and please keep showing the Wheezy Image your love. I hope you don’t stop development for wheezy in favour of Jessie.

Regards :wink:

I’ll add it to my list (very long), however, cant promise when I’ll be able to implement it.

I also prefer Wheezy, its proven its stability over the years, but unfortunately, times move on. DietPi are still supporting Wheezy and I have no plans to drop support for it. :slight_smile: