[Request] Add the PI-HOLE fonctionnality

Hi Fuzion,

Thanks for your great job.
I have found today the PI-HOLE ad-blocker and it’s really fun.
It’s work with dnsmasq :


With Diet-Pi it’s a perfect Distribution.


I’ve been using gravity.sh (PiHole) on a DietPi home gateway/router for a few weeks. The main advantage is that it censors ads on devices that don’t have software adblockers available to them, such as iPhones and iPads, as long as they’re connected to the network gateway, of course. Not worth the amount of work involved to install everything just for the adblocking capabilities, in my opinion, but if the installation was automated it’d be a different story.


Pi-Hole looks interesting. I’ll take a look and see if I can get it added as a DietPi installation option.

Jacob Salmela’s tutorial is pretty straightforward but let me know if you want me to post any settings from my working DietPi+PiHole config. PiHole is essentially his script gravity.sh + dnsmasq + lighttpd.

Thank’s :wink:

(I have test privoxy but consum a lot of cpu !!)

FYI for anyone interested: the coming iOS 9 is said to introduce adblocking capabilities to Apple devices.

I doubt that will last. No doubt business will try to either sue or pay Apple to be on the “whitelist” :slight_smile: If that fails, no doubt we will see a new method of displaying adverts that are more annoying than current.

Update on PiHole:
PiHole is coded into DietPi. Just waiting for the creator of the PiHole project to give the go ahead, before we can release.

Awesome, looking forward to version 80 :sunglasses:

I’m waiting for V80
I’m sur your automatisation will be cleaner an smarther thanl mine.
And for info I have iOS 9 and thank to pi-Hole :wink: because safari block only massive popup.

I will Contrib for your work.This distrubution need to be know

If I’m not mistaken iOS 9 won’t be officially released until later this fall, although the beta is indeed currently available to those enrolled in Apple’s beta program. I also believe the coming “content-blocking” capabilities woudl not discriminate between popups and regular ad images placed on the webpage itself, because it will rely on a file containing URLs to block just like PiHole does.

Now, I don’t mean to go on about iOS as much as I want to mention that PiHole may not be the best suitable option for everyone. I personally have decided to not use PiHole anymore for several reasons.

These reasons include the fact that PiHole’s adblocking does not work 100% of the time, and another more important reason is that having a webserver running could in fact be a security liability depending on your setup. See Lighttpd : Security vulnerabilities, CVEs and note that the latest lighttpd version available via apt-get from DietPi/Raspbian repo is only 1.4.31

Hi DietPirate,

Interesting research, thanks for posting.

The DietPi installation for Pi-hole will be based on the LASP stack. This stack was chosen as its used for all other webserver based software on DietPi (owncloud/forums etc). This also prevents multiple webservers being installed and conflicting.

I’am looking to release DietPi v80 (with the Pi-hole installation option) today. Will also post when its available.

Fourdee could you add the choise of the web server LASP LESP …

And the index.html :


Not at the moment. LASP was selected as all of DietPi’s installation options that require a webserver stack run on apache2. This also ensures compatibility across all the DietPi optimized installation options that may require a webserver to function (eg: Forums, Grasshopper, Owncloud etc etc).

A choice of webservers is a great idea, but the downside is the user could end up installing more than 1 webserver (eg: Apache2 + Nginx).
LEMP and LESP are there for advanced users who specifically need a Nginx stack. Those users can then manually setup the additional webbased software they require.

When DietPi-Software changes to an SQL driven database, i’ll be able to look into a webserver choice system. This will be a big task, but it is planned for the distant future.

And the index.html :

Index file generated = DietPi/dietpi/dietpi-software at dev · Fourdee/DietPi · GitHub

DietPi v80 has been released. This includes the installation option for:
Pi-hole - A DNS/Web server that will block ads for any device on your network.

Simply run dietpi-update, or, write a new DietPi image

Great job, looking forward to updating!