REQ SyncThing

Hi, What do you think about add Syncthing? it’s a opensource alternative to Btsync :wink:


Many thanks for the suggestion.
I’ve personally never heard of it, but looks interesting. Added to a git ticket :slight_smile:

It’s good and much easier to setup than BTSYnc. I have it running on an XU4, manually installed.

I would also suggest it. Using it for many year, very happy with their evolution.

Also installed it manually, and found a daemon script to it. It can be processing consuming during boot, but we set low priority to it and works smooth.

/etc/init.d/syncthing script for Raspberry Pi (or any Ubuntu/Debian)

+1 from me. Currently using it on my DietPi Pine64, it’s pretty good. Uses a max of 35% CPU and barely any ram. Would be nice to have it part of the software list.

It is now on the list and installs syncthing-inotify which make it run more efficiently.


Ah thanks John :slight_smile: