[REQ] OpenLiteSpeed - Open Source edition of LiteSpeed Web Server Enterprise.

OpenLiteSpeed - Open Source edition of LiteSpeed Web Server Enterprise.


Could be interesting to test out. Benchmarks look good. Dunno if it’s Pi friendly though.

There is also a CP which is compatible with OpenLiteSpeed. CyberPanel: https://cyberpanel.net.

Any thoughts?

Really neat…even has a simple install script
Now what dependency it downloads for ARM is what might be the issue


Might have the devs review their install script and see if it’s compatible…should work because it can work with Debian…and Debian has a full on ARM compiled binaries of most other apps in their repositories

Hear that, sounds good. Thx.

I might just try it out when I have an RPI to spare.

Maybe a Cross-compiling for ARM is possible? The install-script approach sounds reasonable though.


well if it needs compiling on a debian arm build…then a build-essentials might need to be gotten which turns that particular build into a development type build…and don’t expect screaming compile speeds either, unfortunately

I sure wish developers of apps and stuff would automatically put their binaries in the arm format so those of us that play with arm don’t have to jump thru massive hoops to get em running…but that is the fun of linux…getting it to work

Thx. Yes, they really need to think about the arm people. It beats me that almost everything I find interesting only has binaries for the old bunch. Arm is here to stay. Thank you again.