REQ: NextCloud

Would it be possible to make NextCloud (a fork by the original developer of OwnCloud) available on DietPi?

Thanks in advance.


Many thanks for the suggestion.
Yep, we’ll take a look. I’ve created a git ticket for this request, its progress can be tracked here:

I’ve looked at the website for this app and can’t see much difference between this and owncloud? What more does it offer?

This new fork is the same as ownCloud for the time being. However, the core developers of ownCloud have joined the original developer to develop NextCloud which they’re hoping to take in a different direction that is more community and user focused and I like that.

I would like to refer you to this interesting article by The Register for further informaiton

Lol, thats one epic /

NextCloud which they’re hoping to take in a different direction that is more community and user focused and I like that

Owncloud (for me) has always been “unreliable” and “buggy”. I once used it entirely for a home backup system. After a while of usage, files started to go missing, vanished with no trace of what happened. Albeit it was an earlier version of Owncloud (6/7), its put me off completely trusting it again.
Now I just use Rsync with a mirrored backup on 2 networked devices.

I get why they forked it, why reinvent the wheel? But still, next week we might hear “NextCloud devs aint happy and move to another project ‘AnotherForkofAnotherForkCloud’”.
Personally, sometimes is best to start from scratch, then you can truly make it “your own” and “how you want it”. Hopefully NextCloud target “reliability”, then it will shine. At least for me anyway :slight_smile:

+1 for NextCloud whenever you have time. :smiley:

Available now with v132: DietPi/CHANGELOG.txt at master · Fourdee/DietPi · GitHub

Wow. That was incredibly fast :open_mouth:

Just tried it out and it works great! Thanks a bunch. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Just one minor problem I thought it might be worth mentioning. As with owncloud, nextcloud doesn’t like it when nextcloud/.user.ini is edited before 1st setup, and you will receive a failed integrity check error message as a result. Do you think it’s worth taking the same approach as you did with owncloud and making the user edit this file?


Edit: At least until ownCloud/nextCloud can resolve this in some way.

Strange, i never experienced this in NextCloud during testing. Only OwnCloud.

Which device did you install NextCloud on?

Hi Fourdee,

That is odd, a foolish assumption by me. I installed it on a Raspbaerry Pi 3.

I’ll test it on a clean install and post the outcome.

Edit: It was specifically only the /.user.ini file that failed.

I retried it and it worked fine. When I previously tried it, I had to go through the web installer for some reason. My thinking is that this happened because I had changed all the root Mysql passwords from the default “dietpi”, so NextCloud couldn’t install via the command line, I had forgot that I received an error about this, which I ignored :roll_eyes:

I might be alone in wanting to change my passwords from the default but do you think there would be anyway of allowing the user to choose there own admin name user and password? Or if there’s anyway to change it post-install, I just personally don’t feel it’s secure enough for me to have that as the admin login.

Sorry for being so difficult, the automated install is really awesome, the reason I’m not manually installing is because of all the other good stuff you’ve added in, I just wish there was a way to change a few parameters. :smiley:

GitHub Issue here

srry for the OT but is there any tutorial on how to setup nextcloud with letsencrypt? :smiley: ty

First, you’ll need a domain name eg: that points to your device.
More info:

If you are using Apache2 or Lighttpd webserver, you can install letsencrypt with:

dietpi-software install 92

Then configure it with:


“You’re a legend” quote ;D

lol :slight_smile: