[REQ] GRAV CMS - Grav is a modern open source flat-file CMS.

GRAV CMS - Grav is a modern open source flat-file CMS.


Have been testing this on another installation and it’s very good and user-friendly, especially with Gantry5 - http://gantry.org.

It can run under any httpd and it’s fast and secure.

Pretty straight forward install it looks like

Quick installation
Download either the Grav core or Grav core + Admin plugin installation package
Extract the zip file into your webroot
Point your browser at your local webserver: > http://yoursite.com
If you downloaded the package with the Admin plugin, you will need to create a new user before pointing your browser to > http://yoursite.com/admin

How to Install the Admin plugin
If you have not already installed the admin plugin, you can do so easily with GPM:

$ bin/gpm install admin
This will automatically install the admin plugin plus its dependency plugins (login, email, form)

After this simply point your browser to your Grav installation and you will be prompted to create a new admin user.

It appears it runs from webroot which is /var/www

So extracting to /var/www/grav

Many applications can be side loaded other than thru DietPi if you are capable of installing/configuring them…if not…well then you will definitely need a package generated by the DEV team

Thank you for your answer, but I’m already running this on DietPi under Nginx. No problem for me, was thinking of others. I moved from Raspbian to DietPi the other day because I needed the LetsEncrypt integration and all of the other wonders DietPi offers - the admin aspect.

Another one which might be interesting is the “Helium Skeleton” which includes a full site with latest Grav, Grav Admin, Gantry 5 and Helium theme. Only 17MB zipped! and it looks gorgeous an is easy to use: http://gantry.org/downloads

It took a little tweaking of nginx to setup a multiple domain setup, since GRAV has its own nginx.conf file included, but as a single site setup, it could be beneficial for others. Other than that; it just works under the default install with the included grav-nginx.conf.

GRAV and Gantry have active devs and a good community too.

Thank you for your answer.

Oh no I agree…TONS of packages and scripts…however the DEV’s will run themselves ragged adding every service/application as a quick install

Now…for us “better than the average bear” we can do “[HOWTO’S]” to instruct the non linux guru’s on how to install and configure them…allowing others to not only learn how to operate linux a bit more freely, but to also lighten the load on the DEV’s just as long as it’s ok by them…their way of doing things doesn’t always hash out with how main distro guys build/release

Thx. Still giving GRAV hope but I’m also looking into other things like sulu.io. GRAV can be a little intimidating and hard to understand, it’s not WP that’s true, but I think it gets there. It’s hard work to document a changing environment.

Thank you for considering it, even though it’s not necessarily a goto CMS.