[REQ] E2guardian Web filtering


e2guardian is an Open Source web content filter, It filters the actual content of pages based on many methods including phrase matching, request header and URL filtering, etc. It does not purely filter based on a banned list of sites

E2Guardian features:

Built-in content scanner plugin system which includes AV scanning.
https transparent filtering
ICAP server mode
upstream proxy now optional
rebuilt flexible filtering engine
Can be configured to have multiple filter configurations to provide varying degrees of web filtering to different groups of users.
SSL Inspection
NTLM and persistent connection support (kerberos in ICAP server mode)
Digest authentication support
Basic authentication support
IP authentication support
DNS authentication support
Header analysis and manipulation - you can also manipulate cookies -
Large file (2GB+) download & scanning support
Whitelist domains and urls
Blacklist domains and urls
Greylist domains and urls
Deny regular Expressions on urls, body content, and headers (also in greylist mode)
URL regular expression replacement so you can for example force safe search in search engines
Deep URL scanning to spot URLs in URLs to for example block images in Google images
Advanced advert blocking
Many performance improvements
Updates to handle all current web technology trends
Blanket SSL blocking so you can block SSL anonymous proxies (without using SSL Bump)
Limit POST size (upload)
Temporary bypass provides a “click to acknowledge” capability
Referer Exceptions Exceptions based on URL in refering url
Time Based Blocking

… And more …

Sounds like something that might be useful…especial if there are two network interfaces…(really wish you guys supported Orange Pi and maybe the R1)

Stumbled across it from this site
Not quite sure if the RPI can run it, it might be too CPU intensive…

It works on Pi (3). Only problem is time to get the service loaded (timeout to get it loaded under heavy system load) => to make it work I had to use atq (to launch the service when cpu load is below certain level, maybe they is a clever way to proceed, but I don’t know much how systemd works).

It would be great to have it packaged.