Replace all ftp clients with pure-ftpd


Please considering replacing both the current ftp clients we have in dietpi-software with this one:

It is a clearly better alternative than both the unsecure ftp clients that are offered with dietpi. It’s also available in dozens of different languages and it has a tiny memory and cpu footprint.

Even openssh-sftp would be a better idea than what we currently have. It’s disappointing that dietpi doesn’t come with a secure ftp option OOTB.


if you switch SSH client from Dropbear to OpenSSH (within DietPi Software Catalog), you will have an OOTB SFTP Server running.

Yes looks good that program!

Perhaps openssh would be a better standard for dietpi, dropbear doesn’t support 2FA also.


I’m thinking of removing all FTP clients together. FTP is simply not secure/unencrypted, hence only thinkable in secured home networks. And there NFS/Samba are definitely the better solution. For all file transfer throughout www, VPNs and/or SFTP/SCP is the only reasonable solution IMO.

There is even a possibility to add SFTP mounts via sshfs: