Removing docker doesn't remove interfaces

On a fresh install of latest version of DietPi (8.13.2) I installed with dietpi-software docker-compose (which also installed Docker as a dependency).

I further installed Mosquitto (a MQTT Broker) with its docker-compose file found here

I then wanted to remove everything, went back to dietpi-software to uninstall Docker-compose (and Docker); the script did its work, but left the docker interfaces (docker0 and the bridge interface).
I had to manually remove those docker interfaces with:

sudo ip link delete docker0
sudo ip link delete br-438d3d68797e

My question is: should the dietpi-software uninstall script not have taken care of those?

Did you tried to reboot the system after removing Docker? Did you removed Docker as software option explicitly or just Docker-Compose with the hope it will remove Docker as well?

No reboot after uninstalling.
I explicitly chose to remove both Docker-Compose and Docker.

ok just tested. A reboot would have cleaned this up.

Thanks Joulinar. Maybe the script could suggest a reboot in this case or even force one? I don’t know what is the common practice in these cases?