Removing cuberite broke a lot of things

Cuberite service was unnecessary load on memory so when i uninstalled it through dietpi-software, it also removed bunch of other stuff which i am pretty sure had some openbox lxde package along with other libraries. I don¨t know why removing cuberite would remove those unrelated packages.

When it finished uninstalling, some package icons on my taskbar disappeared and when i clicked for example on internet browser sign, it said

internet/lxde.> www.browser

somethink like that was unable to locate.

So i thought maybe reinstalling the cuberite would get me out of this mess but when i installed that, dietpi did the whole apt upgrade thing which i totally didn´t wanted and upgraded many packages along with consuming precious data.

Asked me to reboot, i did, and now everything is gone. I did not boot into login manager like i usually do and for some reason couldn¨t even log into root account with the same password i already use. Logged into dietpi account and entered sudo startx. It launched blank screen with my mouse. Right clicked, opened browser, opened this forum and now writing this post.

Why would removing a minecraft server thingy launch this havoc and how can i go back to the way things were?

Edit: I had to reinstall lxde and all the display settings that a did over all this long time to my liking are now all gone. Even the dietpi overscan settings have been altered for some reason. I hate it.

Now on boot dietpit waits for NDPT thing to sync time and it adds much more time to boot process, this is the reason I rarely hit apt upgrade cause it ruins everything. I hate all these changes it makes me feel uncomfortable.

Please make it so that removing packages like cuberite won’t mess everything up.


one small information regarding NTP sync time during boot. We have seem this behavior quit often in the past couple of weeks. Currently it’s not clear where it come from. but it’s not related to software installation/removal.

There is already a topic open where the NTP Sync during boot is discussed:

There are a couple of thinks that could help to improve the situation:

  1. Set IP address to STATIC
  2. change NTP server to local GateWay (if supported)
  3. switch off NTP time sync if system is operated without valid network connection

However there is no grantee. For some user it improve the situation. For some not.

Hey thanks for the response.

I think removing cuberite without wrecking the system issue might be already resolved because when I removed cuberite, it didn’t remove lxde so thank you guys for that.

Dietpi updated a lot of things in last upgrade command so I can’t narrow my search to the package whose upgrade could’ve caused the NPT issue, even the kernel updated. So I can’t provide anything useful on that topic.

Again, thanks for your response.