Does anyone use a tool other than (or No Machine). Sadly, has gone insane with its pricing structure and they went from providing unlimited endpoints for $10 a month to $25 per 10 per month . A person like me who runs a bunch of small devices is priced out. If you have a 100 small Dietpi system, the bill is $250 / month.
I really like, but I cannot afford the new price tag. Can anyone recommend a similar tool that maybe costs a lot less or even an open source self hosted solution?

you can have a look to

Thanks for the quick response. I am actually using Rustdesk on my windows desktops. I will do some more research on this. What I liked about the is

  1. Installation from DietPi
  2. The device can auto provision itself in the field
  3. Nice console
  4. Different services can be accessed securely.

Not sure if Rustdesk provides these. But will give it a look.

Can this be added as installation package to Diet-Pi?

Of course it can be implemented, it just requires volunteers starting it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Depending on your actual need, a VPN like WireGuard, ZeroTier or Tailscale could actually be another idea.

Thanks for the suggestions. I will look into those as well. I am also looking at MeshCentral and it looks very promising for multi end point support.