Remote desktop without port forwarding

Any way to achieve this? From time to time my router loses the port forwarding instructions and I can’t login to the router remotely to fix it. Hence remote access to my devices is lost until I get home, as are websites I host and Emby.

The solution would be to access a device on my LAN and change the router settings through the web interface. I can do this with teamviewer but this needs someone at home to power the Windows desktop up.


Hi John,

I think you are after a VNC server that supports UPnP features (to automatically open ports).

NoMachine might be worth a shot:

UPnP protocol
If the router on server side supports UPnP, NoMachine will try to map ports for NX, SSH and HTTPS by instructing the router to forward external port to the service.

Thanks Fourdee I’ll give it a try. Another possibility I came across last night is Dataplicity.


Tried nomachine and whilst it worked fine on the LAN trying to connect from outside the LAN didn’t work - or at least not easily and it looked like you needed to much around with ports.

Dataplicity did the job in 10 minutes - run their script on the Pi, enable the “wormhole” and write a simple HTML page to access the router. No ports required.