Recreating DietPi image


I’ve been looking for a trimmed-down raspbian image and DietPi is looking like a good fit. However, I cannot find any script or instruction how it’s built. The github source contains only the bash scripts that are run on the Pi, but I want to replicate the image rather than using a pre-built one. Is this information available anywhere?

Oh and when is jessie release planned? Is DietPi based off the original raspbian and it has to wait for the official release or can it be built by e.g. deboostrap?


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Hi Aeternus,

DietPi starts off as the official Raspbian image, then I manually stripped it down. Added lots of optimizations (ramlog, 1 getty tty0 etc etc), and, support for all the DietPi scripts.
Because of this, there is no build instructions for the image, there is also no plans to release the manual steps involved to create DietPi’s core image.

As above, when/if Raspbian switches to Jessie, after some modifications, DietPi wont be far behind.

Yep, apologies for the signup questions. Got plagued in the past with spambots. I’ll see what i can do. Thanks for the feedback.