Recover Backup possible after Hardwarechange?

Hello forum!

i use dietpi on an Odroid C2 which is running pihole and a Sambaservice.
Now i had the possibility to buy an Odroid C4, this is my favorite device because the C4
has USB 3.0, which is good for the Sambashare…
The idle power consumption of the C2 and the C4 is around 1.5 Watts, which is perfect.

Is it possible to create a backup on the C2 via dietpi-backup and restore the backup on the C4?
I am not sure if this will work, because the dietpi-image is different for the C2 and the C4…

Thanks in advance ans greets from germany, Thomas

Short answer: No

PiHole has a teleport feature to allow moving your config to new device.

Samba should be easy as well by just moving configuration file over.

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Hi Joulinar,

thank you!, the Teleportfeature was not on my mind, and you are right, the Sambashare is not complicated to configure…

Greets, Tom