Reconnect after internet lost

Dear all.

Love this Dietpi…
Love my Xu4.

Only one strange problem.
After my xu4 is lost the internet connection… [ unstable ISP :frowning: ]
It does not reconnect automatically…

is there perhaps a solution for this problem???
I use a home automation on the Xu4, only without the auto reconnect … is it a unstable systemm

So is there someone that have a solution?

Thanks fr the help…

I am a noob so please keep it simple.



Which type of internet connection?
Ethernet, wifi, UMTS, LTE, … ?

Sorry did not get a message in my mail , …

I do have a lan cable to the Xu4.
And the speed is almost 30Mbit

please some help???
Why is a pi reconnecting and my hardware not?