Recommended Way to Export/ Import All AdGuard Settings?

I’d like to upgrade from DietPi v7.5.2 to v7.6.2 but have custom settings for Adguard per earlier advice
It was a lot of work to setup, so is there a recommended way to export these settings before upgrading, and then import them to 7.6 afterward?

Why do you like to import/export thinks? A DietPi update will have no effect on your AGH installation.

I assumed the changes made in v7.5 would be overwritten when upgrading to v7.6. If there’s no danger of losing any of the settings, great. But I just wanted to be sure before upgrading.

DietPi version has no relationship to any software version. The only thing done during update is to perform an apt package upgrade in advance. But AGH is not installed as apt package and has its own update process.

Ok, thank you for clarifying this, Joulinar.