Recommendation for easy VPN service over the terminal


I’m testing a lot of new service under DietPi and want to make those available to my external network (for temporary testing).

I’m talking about things like “my_local_IP/phpmyadmin” and “my_local_IP/homer” to be available over my external IP.

I can open the ports via my router, but we are talking about 50-60 services, so that’s quite the hassle.

So i was thinking, maybe i can install some kind of a VPN on this machine, that will let me connect to it first and then have internal LAN access to all of those services.

I’m using SSH on Windows machine to connect, so it will be great if i can establish connection to this VPN somehow via the Windows OS terminal and then just be part of the inside network, so i can use the rest of the services.

Any ideas how this can be implemented ?

Thank you

We offer different VPN tools from our software catalog. You can use Wireguard or if you need some kind of CLI, choose PiVPN, which is a wrapper script around Wireguard.


I’ve used those two videos to get it working:

Thank you

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After trying all the solutions available today, I’m sticking with Tailscale. Give it a chance and let us know what you think. For me, it’s the simplest and most configurable solution currently available, without the need to open ports on the router.