RealVNC - Need to enable Cloud Remote Access

Hello again guys,

Let me add another question before the year ends.

I am having difficulty finding out how to enable the RealVNC Connect on my pi.

I was able to do it before. Now all I can do is local remote access.

I was thinking it was dropped for the RPi Edition? I remembered it being able to login my RealVNC account and was able to access my Pi without using port-forwarding.

I’m thinking to update the VNC manually? I am a bit hesitant, because I might ruin my setup updating anything without using “dietpi-software”

Hope you got an answer for me :smiley:

did you had a look to this RealVNC help page?

Is this working?


Thanks for the link, but unfortunately I cannot locate the “licensing…” under options.

I am thinking to update RealVNC manually to see if it will work. But I’m worried it might affect my setup.

From our side we just install apt package realvnc-vnc-server. Theoretically you should be able to to update it manually.

It says its on the latest version. However I found something here:

From here, I understand how Cloud service will work. RealVNC must run under Service Mode. Mine is running under Virtual Mode.

What I need to do now is to make it work under Service Mode. I believe this was the mode I had when cloud was still working.

ok I figured out how it is working. A little bit disappointing but it is working in shared mode only. Means you would need to start into a real desktop and adjust VNC server setting to connect to it

dietpi-autostart 2

VNC desktop is available on screen ID 0 now as it is shared mode and you should be able to see the license filed.


Thanks for the Idea. Let me get to it now.

I have tried accessing VNC on a real screen, however from there I can’t see the VNC icon on the tray. It only shows while accessing Pi via VNC (Local).

But with your suggestion, I think it might work now. I’ll let you know if it worked for me.


Thanks again for helping me. This simple entry just fixed it:

dietpi-autostart 2

It’s a bit disappointing by not getting it by default to this mode, to newbies like me.

But I’m glad that this community is so active, it made me consider it as the go to instead of just googling it.

Happy New Year DietPi Community.

It’s a bit disappointing by not getting it by default to this mode, to newbies like me.

Usually people run their SBC in headless mode. Therefore we use the Virtual Mode by default. Why RealVNC require real desktop to be able to connect to cloud, something you could ask RealVNC guys :wink:

I really appreciate you going the extra mile for us new guys. I promise you I’d never ask the same questions again, I’m taking notes as we go along here. Thanks again & Happy New Year.

edit: I forgot to say how great this community is. Before I have VNC working, I was able to appreciate how headless works. And with SSH, I can say all I need was there.