RealVNC Cloud Connection

I’m messing around with vnc viewers and currently looking to see options using RealVNC so I can connect to my pi from my phone not over my home wifi. I can easily connect over wifi and I can connect from my phone to my PC version of VNC but when I try to connect to a Pi it says.

“VNC Server is not currently listening for cloud connections.”

I’m assuming my PC version is doing that. When I connect to my pi desktop there’s on option on vnc server to “listen” but it is asking for an IP address so I would need to know this ahead of time.

Vnc server on pi is in “virtual mode” so I’m not sure if that has anything to do with why it’s not always just listening for it.

Can anyone point me in the right direction on how I can either get vnc on pi to always listen for an outside connection or perhaps a more secure way of setting up a remote connection from my phone to pi when they’re not on the same network?

Thank you!


merry Xmas and thanks for your message.

The most and most secure way to connect to your DietPi device, from outside of your home, is to setup your onw VPN server. This way you can avoid to connect your system to a 3rd party cloud you are not in control of. :wink: