ReadyMedia/MinidDLNA dir. problem


I had a really good config on raspberry pi 3 a years ago, with working minidlna on it. And after somethings I decided to reinstal it from the begining. And everythings went good except the instalation/configuration of minidlna. After a few tries i left it, i thought the repo contains somekind of bad program.
But today I also gave it a try, and i still cant make it work good.
The problem is came after i change the music/video directory to my mountig stuffs. The minidlnad status says it failed to start; and minidlna-r says root@PiMediaServer:~# minidlnad -R
[2017/06/04 12:34:17] minidlna.c:586: fatal: Media directory entry not understood [“M”,/mnt/KulsoWinyo/Zene]
And I thing it’s in correct form, so please anybody who knows what is the problem with my config file, give some suggestion to me :slight_smile:
This folder is existing, I use this every hour with samba, so i really dont know what to do :confused:

# WARNING: After changing this option, you need to rebuild the database. Either
#          run minidlna with the '-R' option, or delete the 'files.db' file
#          from the db_dir directory (see below).
#          On Debian, you can run, as root, 'service minidlna force-reload' instead.

# Path to the directory that should hold the database and album art cache.

# Path to the directory that should hold the log file.

# Must be one of "off", "fatal", "error", "warn", "info" or "debug".
# "off" turns of logging entirely, "fatal" is the highest level of importance

# Use a different container as the root of the directory tree presented to
# clients. The possible values are:
#   * "." - standard container
#   * "B" - "Browse Directory"
#   * "M" - "Music"
#   * "P" - "Pictures"
#   * "V" - "Video"
# if you specify "B" and client device is audio-only then "Music/Folders" will be used as root

# Network interface(s) to bind to (e.g. eth0), comma delimited.

# IPv4 address to listen on (e.g.

# Port number for HTTP traffic (descriptions, SOAP, media transfer).

# URL presented to clients.
# The default is the IP address of the server on port 80.

# Name that the DLNA server presents to clients.
friendly_name=PiMediaServer MiniDLNA

# Serial number the server reports to clients.

# Model name the server reports to clients.
#model_name=Windows Media Connect compatible (MiniDLNA)

# Model number the server reports to clients.

# Automatic discovery of new files in the media_dir directory.

# List of file names to look for when searching for album art. Names should be
# delimited with a forward slash ("/").

# Strictly adhere to DLNA standards.
# This allows server-side downscaling of very large JPEG images, which may
# decrease JPEG serving performance on (at least) Sony DLNA products.

# Support for streaming .jpg and .mp3 files to a TiVo supporting HMO.

# Notify interval, in seconds.

# Path to the MiniSSDPd socket, for MiniSSDPd support.

A = Audio
P = Pictures
V = Video


Thanks a lot !
I’m just read the config file instructions and it’s looked like I should use these prefixes.
Maybe if you have some time, in a future update, don’t you wanna change the config file description to the working prefixes ?
With the change of that you wouldn’t get these idiot questions like mine :smiley: