readarr - eBook Collection manager

Hi everyone,

Along the lines of Lidarr, Radarr and Sonarr, are there any plans to add support for the eBook manager called “readarr”?

Has the same look and feel to the Liar, Sonarr and Radarr suites.


For reference:
GitHub issue:
FeatHub to vote for it:

Seconded! I tried to go vote but got some sort of application error at github. Oh well.

yes the issue is with Feathub. Therefore we are planning to move all software request to a new section on our main GitHub page. We will collect everything into GitHub discussions area

Atm it’s a little bit of playground to check functionality and how it could work. Don’t get confused :sunglasses:

There you could comment, up-vote aso. Hope it will solve the issues using Feathub on long term.