Read-only file system

As I’m using Dietpi mainly in headless installations I always try to make my filesystem read-only to protect the system from becoming corrupt after power loss.

Adding an option in dietpi-config to set the filesystem to read-only would be a very nice addition that I think many people can benefit from.
Maybe a separate read-write partition can be created for storing files that should last between sessions.

A guide how to do this is here:
But maybe from your experience you have better ways to do this.


Hi Thof,

Great idea and thanks for the link. I’ve created a Git Ticket for this request:

I’am going to be busy with the DietPi support for Odroid C2, but as soon as I get a chance, i’ll look into the request.

I would like to 2nd this.
I use dietPi on my RPI as a portable emulator machine to keep the kids from being bored when I visit friends and would love to be able to just kill the power instead of counting on them to properly shut it down.