[Rclone] Fatal error, mount no ready


Several years ago I started using EmbyServer on my RPI with my videos stored on a local hard drive. Then I discovered Rclone and in particular the beta version which included support for the Uptobox provider. This allowed me to mount multiple folders from my Uptobox account to multiple virtual drives. This was long before Rclone was available in DietPi’s software library.

For the first time yesterday I encountered some problems with Rclone and Uptobox. I took the opportunity to replace the version installed “outside DietPi” by the one available via dietpi-software.

And the problems got worse! While researching the term “fatal error mount not ready” I found information that led me to the conclusion that the new problems were related to the absence of the fuse3 package. Once it was installed by apt, everything was back to normal.

Maybe it would be wise to add it in your installation procedure?

Thanks for that great OS.


@MichaIng what do you think? Do we need to add package fuse3 in addition to our rclone install?

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Obviously @MichaIng hasn’t seen these messages.