raspotify 320 howto


i´m confused
what is right…

Bitrate, one of 96 (low quality), 160 (default quality), or 320 (high quality)

–bitrate 320
OPTIONS="–bitrate 320"

or everything wrong…thanks for helping

raspotify | A Spotify Connect client that mostly Just Works™ <-howto on install raspotify and dependencies

in /etc/default/raspotify ?

/etc/default/raspotify – Arguments for librespot

Device name on Spotify Connect


Bitrate, one of 96 (low quality), 160 (default quality), or 320 (high quality)


Additional command line arguments for librespot can be set below.

See librespot -h for more info.

To make your device visible on Spotify Connect across the Internet add your

username and password which can be set via “Set device password”, on your

account settings, use --username and --password.

To choose a different output device (ie a USB audio dongle or HDMI audio out),

use --device with something like --device hw:0,1. Your mileage may vary.

#OPTIONS=“–username --password ”

Uncomment to use a cache for downloaded audio files. It’s best to leave this

as-is since permissions are properly set on directory `/var/cache/raspotify’.

#CACHE_ARGS=“–cache /var/cache/raspotify”

Uncomment the line that says #BITRATE=“160” and change it to says BITRATE=“320”, then start the raspotify server


# service raspotify restart

nano /etc/default/raspotify


yes nano as root

Also, uncomment all the pertinent stuff in the config file you want the program to use (like your login or whatever)

once you have done that and saved it

sudo systemctl daemon-reload
sudo service raspotify restart

in fact any time you make a change of anything in /etc/defaults run that command to reset systemd to where you can then type as sudo service *whatever here start/stop/restart/status