RasPi4 whitout HDMI output

I had to set up my RasPi4 again. So far, the HDMI output has worked with the image that was intended specifically for RasPi4. With the current image, HDMI no longer works, but access is possible via SSH.

What can be done?
Best regards.

Any reason for removing the troubleshooting template?

Did you already tried using dietpi-config to change resolution settings?

have the same problem. I didn’t share it sooner because I didn’t have time. I noticed that when I start the device with the HDMI cable plugged in, it doesn’t charge, when I unplug the cable and start the device again, I wait a bit, plug the cable in and the display starts working. I tried different options but did not reach a solution. Tested on monitor and smart tv.

Did you tried different resolution options within dietpi-config?

Of course.
[Display Types | Using Weird Displays with Raspberry Pi | Adafruit Learning System]