Raspi 4 WiFi Connection

First step I install DietPi on RPI 4, I got prompt to connect WiFi, but when I set up from dietpi config, I got message :
Unable to locate package crda
Unable to locate package iw
Unable to locate package wireless-tools,

How to fix it?

thanks in advance


short question. You downloaded a new image from dietpi.com web site, flashed it. Than you do the first boot right? Are you connected to Ethernet at this moment? Do you like to use WiFi right from the beginning? If yes I would recommend to enable + pre-configure WiFi credentials etc via dietpi.txt + dietpi-wifi.txt before first boot, so the whole firstrun setup can be done as intended.

Thanks Joulinar, it’s fixed now.

so you used the files to pre-configure or how do you fixed it? It’s always good to know what was the fix as it might help other user as well :slight_smile: