Raspi 3B+ for PiHole?


I tried to run urbackup on raspi 3B+ and its very slow, so I will upgrade it to odroid XU4 or NanoPCT4 or something like that. But what to do with old raspi :smiley:
For I wanted to install PiHole in my network, maby it would be ok for that purpose? Or is the LAN putthrough also too slow for that case?

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The RPi would be fine, also a Pi Zero has enough power to run PiHole.

The network speed is not important for pihole, it only handles the DNS request, which are very tiny.
On my mobile phone I run a split VPN tunnel, which only tunnels my DNS requests to my pihole instance, and on “an average” day I have around 1 MB or so send and received data. So don’t worry about the network speed for pihole :slight_smile:

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oook., sounds nice! thanks!

Yes PiHole together with Unbound don’t require that much performance. They are extremely lightweight.

I used a 3B for pihole and it performed very well.