Firstly, loving DietPi! I have several Pi’s here and have DietPi running on most of them.
Anyway, I added Raspcontrol to my DietPi enabled Pi B yesterday and, despite having openSSH in there, I get a blank page when I go to the webpage.
I would appreciate any ideas - I am fairly happy to follow command line stuff etc (have used Linux since 1999 exclusively).


Hi Mark,

Thanks for the feedback, i appreciate it!

I assume you are running Jessie?

cat /etc/*release

I was unable to get Raspcontrol to install on Jessie. It appears all development has stopped on Raspcontrol. It has not been updated in 4+ years GitHub - weah/Raspcontrol: A PHP Raspberry Pi Control Centre.

Alternatives to Raspcontrol, all available in DietPi-Software:
DietPi-Cloudshell: https://dietpi.com/forum/t/dietpi-survey-information/32/1
Linux Dash : https://dietpi.com/forum/t/dietpi-survey-information/32/1
PhpSysInfo: (resolved) Cannot log in to the MySQL server

Yep, I am running the Jessie version of DietPi.

No problem - I tried the Linux Dash on one of my other Pi’s and that seemed to work fine, just that RaspConfig looked quite interesting.
I guessed it may be an issue compiling it on the new version of Debian, so I am not too concerned. I was just wondering if I had missed something myself. :slight_smile:

Quick edit: I have now found a thread about this issue -
and it is mentioned that the install of raspconfig will be removed from Jessie installs - but it is still there currently. Might be worth taking it out to avoid others coming across this issue?

Thanks for the swift response! Hope I will be of some use testing things in the future - I have a couple of Pi B’s and a Pi 2 as well as a couple of Zeros.