Raspberry Pi3 or Pine64+ 2GB


I was wondering which one should I pick for using it as LAMP setup?
and maybe clustering.

the PINE64+ offers more mem and Gigabit LAN. but looking at these benchmarks the PI3 is faster?


anyone had a good experience with both boards and compare it?

Thanks in Advance!


For server usage (LAMP etc):

The Pine has a history of hardware issues relating to reduced throughput on gigabit LAN. Its also a really big board, very cumber-sum and runs hot:

RPi 3, great build quality, but excessive heat under load (hits 85’c very quick), heatsink recommended, or, heatsink/case combo:

Personally, i would go with the Odroid C2. Gigabit network with throughput to match (990Mbit~), great CPU and solid 24/7 system:
Although, out of stock at the moment.

Another option for a good server, NanoPi M2. Good CPU and gigabyte Ethernet performance, however, does need the heatsink:

Thanks @Fourdee

I pre-ordered the C2 :slight_smile:

The LAN issues seems resolved. I raised the question on the IRC channel pine64
snippet some comments:

@marcushh777 http://forum.pine64.org/archive/index.php?thread-1084.html
<@marcushh777> If you’re asking about the early Gbe issue(?); it has been corrected, not a problem.
@marcushh777 no that was the issue thanks.

since it is fixed. I just go play with the pine64 board until the C2 board arrive.
the cogent case is also available for the pine64 2GB version.




Question regarding microSD cards which are the best to choose from?.
anyone experienced problems with brands/type?

From personal experience. The best performance, stable SD card for price is:

  • Sandisk Extreme (40-50MB/s write)

Sandisk Ultra are great for budget, but lack write speed (12-17MB/s).

I use Sandisk Extreme for all testing in DietPi. The increased r/w speeds make a massive difference to file-system IO and general performance “snappiness”.

Try and avoid Transcend, and, non-branded SD cards. In my experience, guaranteed file-system corruptions.

If you get any Odroid, make sure you snap up a EMMC module, the 128GB module does 150MB/s r/w on C2. Makes SD cards feel like a snail. In terms of performance, its like changing from a spindle HDD to SSD in a PC.

Hi Fourdee.

Performance of EMMC is awesome I have 64GB in my XU4
received 2x 64GB EMMC for the Odroid C2’s (still waiting for the boards). out of stock reseller is waiting for shipping from hardkernel

found the brand lexar. promising read of 150MB/s and write 90 MB/s

go for it?


Looks nice, fast read/write speed stated, although, I’ve never used Lexar so cant comment on stability/performance.

Just bear in mine, RPi is limited to 17.5MB/s r/w, unless you overclock sd bus, brings it upto 30-35MB/s, however, breaks onboard RPi 3 WiFi and BT:

As for performance on other boards, will vary, all depends on the SD card max clock on the hardware:

Regardless, a high speed SD card will maximize file-system IO performance, especially reduction in random read/write times.