Raspberry Pi Zero Kernel Panics Randomly

I have a raspberry pi zero w with the following software installed

  1. Node-red
  2. Mosquitto
  3. Webmin

It randomly gives me kernel panic after few hours with the following stack trace, I tried to analyse it but could not found what it’s related to and how to fix it. Please find the screenshot of the stake trace in the attachments.


probably it would be better to report this to Raspberry OS kernel developer. Maybe they have an idea how to debug. As well you could try a different kernel version using rpi-update https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/raspbian/applications/rpi-update.md

What does your RAM usage look like?

Do you have ZRAM turned on?
Do you have any SWAP enabled?

There isn’t alot of RAM on a Pi0 so all those programs running might be filling up the RAM and causing stability issues

Also…is the processor running hot?

Also have you done an apt update and upgrade? Could be an old kernel that might be flaky

But as Joulinar said it might be better to Raspberry group…something just ain’t adding up