Raspberry Pi Alternative

Hi all,
Looking for some advice.
So i have a Pi2 and Pi3 and love them both but i am yearning for something different. I have seen a lot of new SBCs out recently dubbed as Pi Killers however they are a lot more expensive and thus not in my books a pi killer. I am looking for something at a similar price point with a faster cpu, USB3 and wifi. Any one know of anything?

Try one of these :


May seem more expensive than Pi at $88 US, but it comes with case, all cables, 32 GB eMMC, PSU and a Windows license, so nothing else to buy. They run DietPi but I’m not sure if wifi is working as yet (I’m still on v159). This beats every similar device I’ve had - Pi 1,2,3, Orange Pi Zero, Banana Pi M1, Odroid C2 and XU4.


Orange Pi’s are next level as well…just have to have heatsinks because the H2+ and H3 can run pretty hot


NanoPi’s are pretty cool too

Sadly at over £60 it is double the cost of a pi, I will have a look at the orange pi though, looks like there are a few variants in price too.

I personally have 2 of these
quad core and 1GB RAM, and if you have an external harddrive and have all the user data moved to the drive, it also puts the swap there
One is running my Nextcloud server and is solid as a rock!

Don’t expect massive computing power from a SBC

I dont expect massive power, I am more than happy with the Pi3 and it has plenty of power for what i need / want. I will have a look at that one as for less than £20 its worth a shot!

The Rock64 seems like a decent upgrade and not too pricey. The USB 3.0 and Gigabit ethernet point to being a capable fileserver, and the price is similar to the Pi. I’ve been thinking about giving it a whirl myself, problem is that in my country things get quite pricey when importing. The board is a lot faster than the Pi, and that can’t be too bad.

Well my birthday is coming up soon so might have to ask the wife for one!