Raspberry PI 5 & DietPi

Its official - Raspberry PI 5 was announced for mid-end of month of October shipping.


Of course, my question will be, how long before DietPi supports the new board?

*my personal interest is an upgrade from Pi 4 to Pi 5 with PCIe m.2 SSD to speed up our WordPress hosted website.

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I already ordered RPi5 8GB to upgrade my 24/7 running RPi4 4GB with DietPi :slight_smile:

I hope that idle power consumption will be better than RPi4.
Here: Raspberry Pi 5 Review: A New Standard for Makers (Updated) | Tom's Hardware

“At idle, without any added cooling, it sits at around 50.5 degrees Celsius and consumes around 2.7 Watts.”

But Jeff mentioned in his video that RPi 5 has lower idle power consumption that RPi 4:


blog: Answering some questions about the Raspberry Pi 5 | Jeff Geerling

running Debian GNU/Linux 12 (bookworm) aarch64 with kernel 6.1.32-v8+ (source)

here are good thread with interesting data, logs, thoughts Raspberry Pi 5 model B · Issue #21 · geerlingguy/sbc-reviews · GitHub

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we are checking for developer samples. Let’s see how this is going.


Explaining Computers on YT did a power measurement…running wide open…it was pulling 6 watts…and was about 50-70% faster across the board on almost all benchmarking metrics

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Best review yet!

Will be tracked on GitHub Image | Raspberry Pi 5 · Issue #6676 · MichaIng/DietPi · GitHub


Looks like good start but many issues to resolve before Dietpi is stable for Pi 5… Please keep us informed!

RPI5 update: I’ve set up my Pi 5 using the github migration script and run rpi-update for the latest bootloader (EEPROM).

root@PI:~# uname -a
Linux PI.sl.com 6.6.16-v8-16k+ #1732 SMP PREEMPT Tue Feb 13 13:13:56 GMT 2024 aarch64 GNU/Linux

I’ve installed the Geekworm X1001 MVMe HAT with a Samsung 970 EVO Plus m.2 SSD.

I used rpi-clone to clone from the SD used to migrate to SSD drive. Changed the boot order from BOOT_ORDER=0xf461 to BOOT_ORDER=0xf416.

It is now booting to the M.2. Here are the results of the ditetpi-config benchmarks:


     │ Benchmarks completed:                                                                                              
     │  - CPU performance : Duration = 9.93 seconds (lower is faster)                                                      
     │  - CPU temps       : Idle = 40 °C | Full load = 46 °C                                                             
     │  - RootFS I/O      : Write = 105 MiB/s | Read = 231 MiB/s                                                           
     │  - RAM I/O         : Write = 334 MiB/s | Read = 710 MiB/s                                                            
     │ Compare these results online with other users, using the link below:                                                
     │  - https://dietpi.com/survey#benchmark  

Pi5 with m.2:

    ”│ Benchmarks completed:                                                                                                
     │  - CPU Performance   : Duration = 1.73 seconds (lower is faster)                                  
     │  - CPU Temp          : Idle = 51'c | Full load = 60'c                                                                 
     │  - RootFS            : Write = 433 MB/s | Read = 845 MB/s  
    │   - RAM               : Write = 1252 MB/s | Read = 4880 MB/s  

An amazing speed increase!

I will use this headless to host WordPress websites. Here are the changes I found to be stable and added to /boot/firmware/config.txt

#------DG EDITS-------
#arm_freq_min=600 to low, default is 1500
#---- Undervolt GPU as I am not using--------
#---- -dissble hdmi, buffer, uart comment out to re-enable direct access to board --------

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V9.1.1 updated perfectly on the Pi5 with no issues.

As the unit is sitting at ~45c I upped the default 1500 to arm_freq_min=2800 in the Config.txt. It caused the temp to go up to 47c and Total Watts used at idle increased from 2.032 to 2.1841. Well worth it for the intial latency bump in speed.

 Architecture |     aarch64
 Temperature  |     47 °C / 116 °F : Optimal temperature
 Governor     |     schedutil

                 Current Freq    Min Freq   Max Freq
 CPU0         |      2800 MHz      2800 MHz    3000 MHz
 CPU1         |      2800 MHz      2800 MHz    3000 MHz
 CPU2         |      2800 MHz      2800 MHz    3000 MHz
 CPU3         |      2800 MHz      2800 MHz    3000 MHz

I use the same version. Runs smoothly. But does anyone know how to activate OpenCL for Video Core VII on Pi5?