Raspberry pi 4B overclocking

Firstly, hello! First post here.

Secondly, just wondering what sort of overclock settings I should be safe with running on my Pi4B using a 5V 3.1A power supply?

After some advice on the github I’ve moved my external drives to a powered USB hub, and now the only power draw on the Pi beyond the SoC is a small CPU fan and a USB 80mm case fan.

I’m assuming the 1900Mhz “Overclock” preset in dietpi-config should be safe enough to run under these conditions?


There are these small USB charge meters that you just plug into the cable that show voltage, current and charged capacity. Use one of these and play with your settings to see what the maximum power you can draw, then use a suitable power supply. I think 5V 3A should just be fine, even lower.

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