Raspberry Pi 4B 8gb not booting

My PI 4 with 8 gb of ram is just not booting at all, it does not matter what sd card i am using (raspberry os is working just fine, DietPi from download page is not working at all). All it does, when sd card is inserted, is green light blinking four times slowly and then four time fast.
I am begging for you help, I have been searching for answer for at least 5 hours.


many thanks for your report. Following this forum post


you are using an unsupported board type. I guess this is due to the 8GB version your are using. Might be a newer kernel version would be needed than the current DietPi image has. Anyway if Raspbian Lite is working fine, your could use this as base image and install DietPi on top following this guide


This will go to transform the plain Raspbian Lite into DietPi

thank you very much for a solution, it is working. Just one more question, will 8gb board get official support soon or will it stay that way with reconstructing raspbian lite?

I guess a new image would need to be create containing current kernel version right from the beginning. As far as have seen, the 8GB version is quite new. So give us some time and we will add support.

Do you face any issues with the current version?
Is everything display correctly?
As well on the login screen the 8GB are displayed ??

New image ready for testing on RPi4 8 GiB version: https://dietpi.com/downloads/images/

Note that this is still based on Raspbian/Raspberry Pi OS (32-bit) Lite, however as of our tests the 8 GiB RAM are usable.

Raspberry Pi OS (64-bit) based image requires quite some rework and the official one is still in early beta, however we’re on it.

Thanks for this, I already use DietPi on my Pi3B+ and have just got myself an 8GB Pi4. I downloaded the img and will be testing it.

It is good to hear that you will be working to support the 64-bit version as well. :smiley:

That’s great news, I’m looking forward to use it, thanks for your work! :slight_smile:

You already can use the current DietPi RPi Image (32bit). It will boot on RPi4 8GB :sunglasses: