Raspberry Pi 4 constantly marked as "too hot"

Almost every time I log into my RasPi 4 via SSH, the screen indicates a temperature of 60-70ºC. While 70ºC is an expected working temperature for the model 4 specifically, and I have installed a full cooling kit (fan, passive cooling pads, aluminum case) to compensate for the heat, DietPi apparently thinks that I’m running the original Raspberry Pi 3 and below, whose working temperature was around 65ºC. Is there a way to indicate DietPi that, indeed, 70ºC is a safe temperature for my particular model? Or am I doing something wrong?

wow your system is running between 60-70ºC? My system is operating between 35-40ºC. Even if I was running SETI@home calculations on all 4 core with 50% utilisation, my temp was not going above 50ºC and I’m just using a simple fan on my case.

 DietPi v6.28.0 : 18:19 - Do 16.04.2020
 - Device model : RPi 4 Model B (armv7l)
 - Uptime : up 2 days, 3 hours, 52 minutes
 - CPU temp : 37'C : 98'F (Cool runnings)
 - LAN IP : (eth0)
 - Info Text : !!! PRODUCTION SYSTEM !!!

Theoretically you could ignore the message if you are fine with it. However you should check temp limits on dietopi-config > 3 : Performance Options as your system will throttle down if you reach a specific temp.

Get an external measuring device…might have one that just runs hot naturally…

Did you overclock or run at full cpu all the time?

I have the same problem, it seems to always run quite hot.
RPi4, Dietpi with userdata on an external HDD (with powered hub), runs Plex + Deluge + Jackett + Sonarr.
Always around 60°, never below 50°.
I don’t have an active cooling system though, only 3 heatsinks.

50-60°C should be fine without active cooling. Personalty I juts can recommend a case with fan. I’m quite happy with it for my 4B as well as 3B+. My temp dropped by around 10°C

Just some input about a really useful Raspi4 case: https://www.argon40.com/catalog/product/view/id/52/s/argon-one-raspberry-pi-4-case/category/4/.

Keeps my Raspi (running Plex and pi.hole) always below 40°C.

Costs around 25€ and can be configured when the fan should kick in. In my case the fan would kick in at 55°C, but so far was never needed.

uhh that’s the deluxe version. Mine was just 10 EUR :sunglasses:

My two R-Pi 4s both run a number of servers and have been equipped with just the passive cooling fin style cases. If I really stress them I can maybe get them upto around 55c, but normally they’re in the low 40s!

With active cooling you definitely should get better results than 70°C. I am using passive cooling only and when I do a stress test I will reach 65°C after 20 minutes. With 70°C the cpu should already be throttled.