Raspberry Pi 3B - DietPi 7.7.3. High temperature in idle

Guys hello
After updating to DietPi 7.7.3 i have around 64 degree in idle
How to fix that?
On previous build all has been okay
I reinstalled dietpi but it also works wrong


DietPi scripts themselves should not have suche impact. Maybe some other Debian packages has been installed via apt package manager. As an apt upgrade is part of DietPi update.

What was your version before?

Before i has 7.4
But with all of my packages temperature has been around 48 degrees
And after update it around 64

I reinstalled whole system and on clean system it stays on 64 degrees

i think trouble in new kernel
But i don’t know how to downgrade it on dietpi

DietPi is a set of bash scripts on top of a Raspbian OS. Means, stuff like kernel are exactly some as on Raspberry OS. Downgrading kernel is working same way like on plain Raspberry OS as well. You would need to install rpi-update to be able to install a specific kernel version like describe on RPi GitHub https://github.com/Hexxeh/rpi-update

I tried rpi-update
System not booting after update

probably you would need to connect a screen to see what the issue is. Btw: hope you have done a backup before using rpi-update

My system are headless
and this may seem like joke, but i don’t have hdmi display

without screen we don’t know what the issue is and there it’s not relay possible to do anything. Btw you could use a converter to move from HDMI to Display port or whatever you need.

Hmm, okay, i find the monitor