Raspberry Pi 3 boot off USB

Now that the Raspberry Pi 3 can boot off USB by just burning the lastest Raspbian image to a USB drive, is there any plans for DietPi to support this as well? I tried burning the image to USB but it gets stuck during boot.

Yep, thanks for heads up, i’ll take a look:

Thanks :smiley:

Also, when I try downloading the DietPi image from the main site link, I get 1.48 judging by the file name? Is that correct?

Yep. However, all DietPi images will self-update on 1st run to latest version (v150 currently).

OK, if you include the USB boot functionality in the 1.51 release, could you update the image on the main site so that we download 1.51 instead of 1.48. Could be problem if I’m trying to boot off USB and it’s available in 1.51, but can only download the 1.48 release :wink: