Rasberry pi on Dietpi slow network speeds


hello everyone… hopefully there is something new for me to learn here. My internet speed is 300Mb.

I have a raspberry pi 3b+ it was running on raspbian minimal
using the speedtest-cli:

Downloads about 90Mb
uploads about 20 or 25Mb.

so , use a new SD card now with dietpi.

Downloads about 40
uploads 3Mb

I removed dietpi sdcard and use my old one with the raspbian minimal install and the speeds go back to normal.

I download a new copy of dietpi and burn to another card.

this time use on old raspberry pi 2b

use Raspbian minimal…

Downloads about 70mb
uploads 17 mb

use new SD card with dietpi on Raspbery pi 2b

Downloads about 40Mb
Uploads about 2.3Mb

It seems no matter which raspberry pi i use my uploads are never over 3Mb while on dietpi.

Is there some network governor i’m not aware ?
If it was a windows machine i would think im using the wrong driver for the nic.

any help is appreciated.


Ok so,

after using my friend google over and over finally found an answer.

When you first install speedtest-cli from dietpi distribution it downloads ver 2.0.2 and there’s a bug in that version. you have to remove it and download straight from the source. it will get you ver 2.1.2 and that will resolve issue.

However Deluge speeds on dietpi are still very slow. comparing to my starigh install i realized that the dietpi version of Deluge has different settings. after i manually changed them to my straight install now deluge speed is somewhat back to normal.

But now , Radarr and Sonarr when they copy the downloaded files to their final destination on my plexserver they just continue to copy on a loop…
the process never finishes and just says partial file once it reaches the right size, and then it deletes the file and starts over again the copy process.
seems like these " optimized" versions of software for dietpi have some settings changed or there are bugs in them.

Many thanks for your report. Note that DietPi APT repository is Raspbian respectively Debian. I just found a fitting bug report, lets hope for a soon fix: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=940165

About Deluge, could you paste a diff of the config files? The “diff” command works very well to present the differences between two files only.

About Plex, could you paste some related error messages from journalctl or Plex specific log? I guess it is some permission issue. Do you use an external drive? If so which file system?