Ram Log with hourly Save


I am new to Dietpi (and new-ish to Linux).
I just installed it, and I was wondering:
For the logging option, is RamLog with hourly save as extensive as “Full Logging - Rsyslog and logrotate”?

I boot my RPi 4 from external HDD (~220 MBS read speed with rotating platters, NOT ssd).
I could activate full rsys log, but I was wondering about the energy saving - if system otherwise idle, it would probably be nice not to have disks work 24/7 to log data.

If I understood correctly, Log 2Ram with hourly save dumps logs to disk every hour, the rest of the time HDD gets to chill.

However, at the same time I don’t want to sacrifice extensiveness and persistence of logs - so my question is:
Is log2ram as extensive (amount of info) and as persistent (goes back as far as full logger)?

Also, do you think log2ram with hourly save is bad for HDD health (by spinning disks up to write log and down to idle periodically - I read HDDs don’t like frequent spin ups and downs).


Short question, for what reason your need to keep logs? Did you expect anything in it that need to survive a reboot? :wink:

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Makes sense. Full Rsys it is then.
Thank you.

Incidentally, Rpi is connected to UPS along with the external HDD, but there is no messaging set up for it to know to shut down gracefully, so yeah.

BTW, do you know if it’s possible to hook UPS’s (APC “Sine” wave - BR1500MS2) message link (the one that commands to shut down – NUT) to the router or to the RPi and then have that RPi re-transmit the message to all other UPS-connected devices on the network to shutdown gracefully?

I never have done something like this. But might be possible using Node-Red and MQTT Send APC UPS data to MQTT (flow) - Node-RED

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NUT (Network UPS Tools) is a UPS monitoring service you can install/configure, it can also act as a “server” so other client NUT services can connect to it and monitor battery status

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