Radxa Rock5B: Does HDMI support need additional installation?

(To be transparent I didn’t quite look at this since I was busy looking for my other issue with the fan)

I got a new Rock5B from Redxa. Plugged the HDMI output, flash a new sdcard with dietpi and won’t see any signal. I find out with the Debian distribution it is working.

When checking at dietpi-config “1 Display Configuration/1 Display Resolution” I got a nice message that it isn’t supported for that board.

I was wondering if there is just no support yet, or maybe if, by the nature of dietpi, I need to install something first to add support for it.
Here, I’m not talking about a desktop environment. Just to be able to have access to the boot/console.

I end up using the serial port (because of some issue with my router not showing up anymore DHCP clients so I didn’t have the IP of the board).

Required Information



Linux rock5b 5.10.110-rockchip-rk3588 #23.02.2 SMP Fri Feb 17 23:59:20 UTC 2023 aarch64 GNU/Linux

Fresh install without any additional softwares yet.

Extra details

I can see some log around HDMI

[ 13.069029] rockchip-hdptx-phy-hdmi fed60000.hdmiphy: hdptx phy init success
[ 13.069869] rockchip-hdptx-phy-hdmi fed70000.hdmiphy: hdptx phy init success

[ 13.072499] mpp_service mpp-srv: bb1f05b87 author: Yandong Lin 2022-10-21 video: rockchip: mpp: add calc hw real times per task

[ 13.458674] input: rockchip-hdmi0 rockchip-hdmi0 as /devices/platform/hdmi0-sound/sound/card0/input1
[ 13.460141] input: rockchip-hdmi1 rockchip-hdmi1 as /devices/platform/hdmi1-sound/sound/card1/input2

[ 13.380074] rk_hdmirx fdee0000.hdmirx-controller: No reserved memory for HDMIRX, use default CMA
[ 13.380114] rk_hdmirx fdee0000.hdmirx-controller: hdmirx_probe: cpu_aff:0x400, Bound_cpu:4, wdt_cfg_bound_cpu:5
[ 13.380612] rk_hdmirx fdee0000.hdmirx-controller: hdmirx_audio_interrupts_setup: 0
[ 13.381397] rk_hdmirx fdee0000.hdmirx-controller: rk_hdmirx_hdcp_register success
[ 13.381426] rk_hdmirx fdee0000.hdmirx-controller: fdee0000.hdmirx-controller driver probe ok!
[ 13.381541] usbcore: registered new interface driver uvcvideo
[ 13.381549] USB Video Class driver (1.1.1)

[ 15.555933] rk_hdmirx fdee0000.hdmirx-controller: hdmirx_cancel_cpu_limit_freq freq qos nod add

Full booting log:
booting.log (48,2 Ko)

EDIT: I also found
[ 13.704361] I : [File] : drivers/gpu/arm/mali400/mali/linux/mali_kernel_linux.c; [Line] : 409; [Func] : mali_module_init(); svn_rev_string_from_arm of this mali_ko is ‘’, rk_ko_ver is ‘5’, built at ‘23:42:35’, on ‘Feb 17 2023’.

@MichaIng would this be something you could have a look into?

Looks like this is related: GUI not working on Armbian Rock5b - ROCK 5B - Armbian Community Forums

One issue I had with NanoPi R6S (same SoC) was that the console had 1440p resolution (as my monitor supports it) but the monitor was set to 1080p only, hence large parts of the console were outside of the screen. This was fixed with our last kernel upgrade. But not sure at which Rockchip kernel commit Armbian’s RK3588 Linux is exactly. In case this is the issue, could be tested to set a resolution via fbset, e.g.:

apt install fbset
fbset -xres 1920 -yres 1080

If really no signal is received, another HDMI cable/monitor is worth to test it.

The linked forum topic mentions that solved with latest code, but there was no kernel package update since then: Index of /apt/pool/main/l/linux-5.10.110-rockchip-rk3588/