Radarr, thoughts?

I am currently using CouchPotato and it’s working for me mostly. I am switching to Sonarr now for TV and I saw Radarr for movies. What’s it like? Is it better than CouchPotato? Just want some initial thoughts before I install ad try it. Thanks

I found so much reports about CouchPotato being less stable about updating and such, e.g.: https://www.reddit.com/r/unRAID/comments/84dhsp/radarr_vs_couchpotato/

I don’t really use both, but the mono related solutions (Sonarr, Radarr, Lindarr etc.) generally work reliable, updating is easy via APT (Sonarr) or “dietpi-software reinstall <software_id>” in case of the others.

But it is also about personal taste of GUI/features of course.

Thanks. I’ve just finished setting up Sonarr and I really like it. Why was I using garbage sickrage for so long. So I might install radarr and take a look. Thanks.

Yeah sickrage currently is a pain due to project and developers split up on different fork and install method changes, which broke also our install code. We will drop sickrage at least for now from DietPi software list and considering to implement Medusa as another alternative.

After testing Radarr, it is really nice but I have all my movies in one directory and no separate sub-directories. Radarr doesn’t like this and doesn’t support this yet so I will have to wait until it does.

On top of that Radarr is using a lot of memory. Need to play with it a bit more.

Is there a way I can stop Radarr from starting up when the system is booted up? I don’t want to remove the program yet but don’t want it running always.

Ah yeah memory consumption with runtime system software (mono) is mostly higher.

Hmm Jep they usually expect one subdir each movie, but thought it would possible to still import those, creating related subdirs automatically? Otherwise you could create a bash script that does this for your, simply looping through all files and creating a directory for each with identical name minus file ending and move related file inside.

Yeah wouldn’t be too hard to do. I don’t really want my films in sub directories though but I suppose I can switch back when they start to support it.