Radarr internal update failed

Hi, can you help me with repairing Radarr? Few days ago I updated Radarr through internal updater, but it somehow failed and now I dont have access to it. Restartig system didn’t help, also command

dietpi-software reinstall 145

not helping. I don’t want to make fresh install couse I spent lot of time on configuring it.
I have really basic knowladge in linux commands so I will be grateful for some tips how to repair/reinstall Radarr.

Ok lesson for future, next time I have to read more and carefully. After executing dietpi-software reinstall 145 and seeing no positive results I read carefully all info in terminal and found that DietPi informed me to first delete folder /opt/radarr and after that execute reinstall 145 command to proceed with reinstallation. After that all went smooth and Radarr is working :rofl: So ye, problem solved, thread can be closed :stuck_out_tongue: :sunglasses: