Quick hello + Wireguard experience from new user

Just wanted to drop a hello!

I work in public safety IT, but my background is all MS / Windows. I’ve not tinkered much in the Linux world outside VMWare.

Recently I was blessed with a brand new symmetrical gigabit fiber connection in my neighborhood. I work from home full time and run a small consulting business from home so this was awesome!

I decided to start looking for VPN server solutions that could utilize as much of my gig upload as possible. I have an ASUS RT-AC86U router that can run OpenVPN, but the best performance I could get out of it with a light overclock and active cooling was around 40 mbps. That speed pegged one of the routers cores at 100% since OVPN Is single-threaded.

Next I tried OpenVPN’s access server virtual appliance on my VMWare host. With it I didn’t get much more than the router could provide.

Tried SoftEther VPN inside a VM, a little better, but not by much.

After a few days of Googling I came across Wireguard. As I read more and more I got a Google result for DietPi mentioning it included Wireguard, so I grabbed the DietPi VMWare image and fired it up in VMWare Workstation. 120-180Mbps. I was impressed with both Wireguard and DietPi.

Remembering that the RPi 4 was recently released, and not having a current hobby project, I figured why not give it a shot. Bought a RPi4 B, a small case with a fan and got everything setup.

Installed DietPi + Wireguard, configured it and copied the config file to my Windows laptop. Using my old cable ISP with a gig down I was able to get over 500mbps through Wireguard doing a Windows SMB file copy! Didn’t even stress the CPU on the RPi4!

The Wireguard setup was pretty easy with the exception of the static IP. Setting a static IP in dietpi-config prevented Wireguard from loading. I just dropped a post in the troubleshooting forum for that. Setting it back to DHCP allows Wireguard to load, so I just configured a DHCP reservation for the RPi4 MAC on my router until I can figure the static IP issue out.

Huge thanks to all of the Devs and anyone else who has worked / is working on DietPi! I signed on as a Patreon backer as I’d much rather send some money you guys’ way than a commercial VPN vendor!

Many thanks for your kind feedback.

Strange with the static IP, since it should not play a role, especially if static IP and reserved DHCP IP are the same. The server IP is only used in the client configs, when you manually edit it to only tunnel local network or server requests.
However I will have a look into your troubleshoot thread for debugging/investigation.